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Client Testimonials

We believe that the best measure of success is when our students are genuinely excited about the subject matter and eager to bring their own ideas to the table; at the end of the day only then will we be satisfied our work is done

Boy with DIY Robot

“It has been 2 years since we first contacted Dmitri to tutor my son and daughter for their 13+ and GCSE exams. Both of them are excelling. My daughter was successfully admitted to St. Edmund's College and is now applying to go into university to study Pharmacy or Pharmacology. My son is joining North bridge school for year 9 and he is continuing to excel. Our children have developed a very close relationship with Dmitri and particularly enjoyed the physics and chemistry experiments carried out in the makeshift laboratory in our kitchen.


Dmitri was able to cover a broad range of subjects including Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and helped with the transition between schools. In particular, our daughter who had initially struggled with maths and chemistry has a newfound love for these subjects. We would be more than happy to recommend Dmitri to anyone in need of private tuition.”

Sylvia, GCSE and A-Level maths and science

“Having failed quite miserably in 11+ exams we hired Dmitri to help unravel maths and science for 13+ exams. The most impressive thing was actually to see our son’s confidence grow once he started to understand both subjects. As he is fairly quiet in a classroom environment it was hugely beneficial having a one to one tutor where he couldn’t hide and had to tackle the work.

Dmitri is passionate about science and it is quite an achievement to see boys suddenly get excited about subjects they had no interest in. This was reflected in the entrance exam results. In the end, our son passed the common entrance exams to both schools we had applied for, with 80% in his science exam at Whitgift School. Our son’s maths and science have improved beyond belief and this was all thanks to a brilliant tutor! I would gladly recommend Dmitri in the highest terms.”

Tamsin M, 13+ Common Entrance

Experimenting in Lab

Lesley W

Fantastic tutor. Conscientious, patient and conveys information well.

Subject: Chemistry (GCSE)

Carlene A

Really happy with our physics tutor. He's a great teacher who manages to make lessons fun and interesting.

Subject: Physics (GCSE)

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