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A Bit About Us

“We believe that the true mark of a student’s intelligence is not in their subject knowledge, ability to tackle unseen problems, or speed of learning; but rather in the ability to ask the right questions.”

Regardless of your ambitions, our tutors will help you to plan the best course of action and set realistic targets. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and the radical transformation experienced by some of our most hard-working students from grade U to A* is a testament to the value added by private tuition. We have a high success rate across both UK and international examinations and student admissions at the leading universities and independent schools including St Pauls’, Westminster, Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London.

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Our tutors recognise that the key to long-term memory retention and understanding lies in encouraging students to work out a problem for themselves from fundamental principles and engaging them through targeted questions in order to discover the solution rather than using a spoon-feeding approach. This creates a strong foundation from which one might tackle more complicated or previously unseen problems, which is particularly important since exam questions may invoke concepts from several disciplines.

As a result of this approach we can often find enthusiastic students staying behind during lunchtimes and after school to dissect with academic rigour the new concepts of the day’s lessons. The reluctance to accept things at face value does them credit, since a satisfactory level of understanding must be accompanied by meticulous proofs. When posed with challenging questions, students will then take the initiative to conduct their own research and feedback to their teachers and peers.


School Admissions

7+, 8+, 11+, 13+, 16+, ISEB Common Entrance, Pre-Test, CAT, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, SSAT, Scholarships

“Having failed quite miserably in 11+ exams we hired Dmitri to help unravel maths and science for 13+ exams. The most impressive thing was actually to see our son’s confidence grow once he started to understand both subjects. As he is fairly quiet in a classroom environment it was hugely beneficial having a one to one tutor where he couldn’t hide and had to tackle the work.

Dmitri is passionate about science and it is quite an achievement to see boys suddenly get excited about subjects they had no interest in. This was reflected in the entrance exam results. In the end, our son passed the common entrance exams to both schools we had applied for, with 80% in his science exam. Our son’s maths and science have improved beyond belief and this was all thanks to a brilliant tutor! I would gladly recommend Dmitri in the highest terms.”

Tamsin M, 13+ Common Entrance

Experimenting in Lab
Raising Hands

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